Tickets for Crescent City are now on sale at the following link:

Choose Your Experience!

Crescent City is a piece about multiple perspectives, and that extends to the various audience experiences available:

“Pedestrian” Perimeter (Standing Room) – $25

Wander the perimeter freely throughout the opera and experience the world of the opera from a constantly shifting perspective. A dedicated track around the perimeter of the space behind the seats allows you to view the world from every angle, or to stand in one dedicated spot. Please note that these are unseated tickets, so bring your comfortable shoes!

Seated Perimeter – $55

Sit comfortably at the perimeter of Crescent City and choose your unique perspective of the city. Each seat has an exciting view of at least four of the six installations, with live video feed filling you in on the action just out of sight. No two seats will have the same experience!

Dive Bar Bean Bags – Immersive (Limited Availability per performance) – $65

Experience the world of the opera from the ground level and in 360 degrees from Olga Koumoundouros‘s custom-made Bean Bag chairs. The Dive Bar is in the middle of Crescent City–prepare to be in the direct path of tenor Timur Bekbosunov‘s performance of “Deadly Belle,” as well as the rest of the cast!

Eye of the Hurricane – The Crescent City Skybox (Limited Availability per performance) – $75

Have a spectacular birds-eye view of the city on a dedicated 8-foot steel deck platform.  Please note: Climbing stairs are required for accessing the Skybox.

Tickets now on sale for all performances: click here


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