Day 12: The Composer Arrives! (4/12/12)

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Production Process

Anne LeBaron has been so busy finishing the orchestrations that she has yet to have had a chance to see our giant work-in-progress. Yesterday she finally made it out to see how the sounds in her head are going to be realized visually, and it was a thrill for all of us. It reminded me and all of us there that the city we’re building will still be a vessel for Anne’s amazing music to flow. Her music was the first inspiration for all of this, back when Wet first crossed my path at New York City Opera in 2006. And now we are less than a month away from the full production!

This photo may look somewhat posed, and I know it may be hard to imagine that such a challenging project would find us all laughing and enjoying ourselves, but with Anne there yesterday, we were all genuinely so excited and giddy at the thought of the staging rehearsals to come–which finally begin in the space on Monday!


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