Day 8: A pond-filled cemetery (4/8/12)

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Production Process
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Brianna Gorton‘s meditative Cemetery was up today, the last section of the city to have a dedicated installation day. Eric and Brianna built Marie Laveau’s tomb and arranged the pools of water that delineate the cemetery paths:

We tested the pond liners for holding the water that will create such beautiful reflections with Elizabeth Harper‘s lighting:

And Laura modelled Marie Laveau in her tomb:

Elsewhere in Crescent City, the other artists keep chipping away at their own installations, articulating their visions further and further. Jeff finished one of his hospital skylights:

Katie and her crew unveiled the first of the photograms that will sheath the Junk Heap:

And Alice kept configuring the intricate design of the Swamp’s surface:

We even had a visit from Gwen, which always makes my day!

All in all, none of us can quite believe we’ve only been in the space one week–the progress is already so inspiring. Only one week to go before I get to start staging on this big adult playground!


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