Day 6: Beginning of the Junk Heap (4/6/12)

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Production Process
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Today’s undertaking: Katie Grinnan‘s monumental Junk Heap, an involved construct that will be sheathed in her beautiful photograms (one of which adorns The Industry’s home page): 

I’m so excited about the staging possibilities in, over, and around what this Junk Heap will ultimately become: this image is just the beginning!

One of the really cool things about today was seeing so many of the artists in the space at one time working on their individual pieces. Mason Cooley started filling out the shell of the shack with more reclaimed wood and other shapes:

And Alice Könitz, who is creating the Swamp, got a jump start on the swamp by setting up her eerie trees:

Curator Brianna Gorton remarked how much it’s all starting to look like the image of Lars von Trier’s Dogville that I’ve been using as an inspiration since the beginning of this process:

Looking at this picture, I can still see the impact of this “set” on the world we are creating for Crescent City, and the allegorical nature of that film also played a part in the more archetypal characters of Crescent City as well. But the visual artists’ response to the locations range so far beyond the stilted reality of this film. Dogville plays with “slice-of-life” naturalism, which is far from the cumulative effect of this particular work…What exactly it is is yet to be discovered, as staging rehearsals don’t start for another week!


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