Day 5: Installing the hospital (4/5/12)

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Production Process
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Jeff Kopp‘s Hospital was on the dock for installation next. He has been at the space around the clock assessing the angle, the amount the wall juts into the space, the view from the audience, and its general feel in the world at large. It’s been really promising so far:

Jeff’s great idea was to essentialize the two playing spaces the¬†hospital requires in the opera–the roof and a hospital room–and make them one remnant of the hospital’s former self. It’s as if the hospital had fallen over in Hurricane Belle, the first hurricane to have destroyed Crescent City, and all that’s left is this one monolithic residue.

We’ve gone back and forth several times about which side should face the cemetery and which should face the swamp. We finally switched our original plan so that the roof of the hospital faces the cemetery, as we both think this will make for a more interesting spatial relationship between the locations. I can’t wait to start staging the nurses, traversing the internal and external space, just as they oscillate between human and voodoo gods. It’s going to be fun!


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