Day 4: Kick-started! (4/4/12)

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Musical Rehearsals
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Today was a bit of a “day off” from building in the space after a few good days, so I spent most of it drumming up support for the last leg of our Kickstarter campaign. We were all thrilled at about 2:00pm when we tipped over into a funded project, thanks to the help and generosity of over 130 individuals. This is a project that thrives by the belief of the community at large, so it is thrilling and humbling to see so many people pitch in to help us build this city.

The whole idea of Kickstarter is really a brilliant one: setting a goal, setting a time in which it must be completed by, and then meeting that goal anyway possible. It’s kind of a microcosm of the show at large, and even last week, when it felt like we were so far away from our $15,000 goal, the perseverance it takes to really meet your goals pays off. It did feel like a mini-marathon race, and Laura Kay Swanson, Associate Producer Rachel Scandling and I are adding the “Chariots of Fire” theme to our Crescent City mix tape to give a sense of what it felt like.

Marc Lowenstein continued rehearsing the singers in the beautiful Kasimoff-Blüthner Piano Co. Showroom, and on the docket today was Scene 14, the Judgement at the Swamp. This was one of the trickiest scenes to get right for Anne, as its the climactic moment when the voodoo gods announce whether Crescent City will be saved, and I think Anne has nailed it. I tried giving the singers a bit of a heads-up for what is in store: how they will be singing within Alice Könitz’s beautiful trees, as Marie Laveau floats down the swamp on a canoe. But I don’t want to give all of the surprises away…even to them!


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