Day 3: A good ol’ barn-raisin’ (4/3/12)

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Musical Rehearsals, Production Process
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Today’s focus was Mason Cooley‘s gorgeous Good Man’s Shack, which was fabricated by Studio Sereno with the TLC of Jeff Kleeman, Technical Director of Los Angeles Opera, and Teresia Rose Kleeman. We all pitched in to literally raise the roof of this fantastic sculpture:

Things are starting to get HUGE, with four of the six installations well under way:

And meanwhile further West, conductor Marc Lowenstein got Gwendolyn Brown and tenor Jonathan Mack going with their fantastic scene in the middle of the opera. The roof-raising kept me from spending too much time with these great artists…but I know we will have plenty of time still to come! We were once again invited to rehearse in the lovely Kasimoff-Blüthner Piano Co. Showroom on Larchmont.

The idea of parallel rehearsals happening at the same time is a bit of a burden on little César (the name of my little Mini Cooper that gets me around town) but is adding to the whirlwind nature of putting this massive show together. And the idea of separate simultaneous activity is closely connected to what the show will ultimately feel like in performance, so in a way it’s all one giant rehearsal for the big event.

Another day closer to May 10!


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