Day 1: No April’s Fools! (4/1/12)

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Production Process
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Today marks the beginning of the production stage for Crescent City: our first day in our space at Atwater Crossing! We’ve already set the first three songs of our production playlist: “We Built This City (on Rock n’ Roll),” “Feeling Good,” and “Changes.” (Anne LeBaron responded to make sure we had something connected to New Orleans, so she suggested “Jambalaya on the Bayou” by Hank Williams.) I’m predicting a 3-CD set at this rate!

The space is like a blank slate, a tabula rasa ready to be filled in with six incredible installations. Laura and I made sure we focused the energy of our endeavor, and so, with the help of our Founding Members Rajika and Tino Puri, we offered a prayer to Ganesh, the lord of all obstacles, begging him to oversee our journey.

We focused on Olga Koumoundouros‘s installation of the Dive Bar, which takes up the northeastern portion of our warehouse space. Thanks to the fantastic work of Olga and Tech Director Eric Nolfo, the structure for the runway Deadly Belle uses in the Chit Hole (Crescent City’s sad home-away-from-home) is ready for tenor Timur Bekbosunov to strut his/her stuff. It was thrilling to start seeing Olga’s world come to fruition in the space around us!


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