Day 2: Return of the Queen (4/2/12)

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Singers
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Now we’re REALLY ready to go: the great Gwendolyn Brown has joined us from Chicago to create the role of Marie Laveau, the fabled voodoo queen. Nobody has been able to stop talking about her since she wowed us all at the March 2011 Launch Event at Royal/T in Culver City–and wait until everyone hears and sees her do the whole thing! We had to kick off Gwendolyn’s residency with us in a suitably bizarre way–as well as fending off rush hour traffic–so we opted to go to Encounter Restaurant in the iconic building at LAX.

We then took Gwendolyn to Atwater Crossing to show her the space that she will be inhabiting. Her first response: “Oh my God.”

When she finally soaked it all in, she sang a few notes that reverberated gorgeously throughout the hall. “Ooh, I like it!” she said. “This is going to be a blast.” My thoughts exactly!

If you missed her at the March 2011 Launch Event for The Industry, check out this link:


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